Alex Toril happy with the debut of the Mercedes AMG GT4

This weekend has taken place the debut of the Mercedes AMG GT4 on the Nordschleife, where Alex has competed behind the wheel of the new car from the German car brand.

The fifth event of the VLN series has meant the first race of Mercedes AMG GT4. Alex has been present and collaborated with his team Black Falcon and the engineers of AMG and HWA in the development of the car. Both days (Friday and Saturday) has been passed by water which has added a point of difficulty over the weekend.

During Friday Alex was doing the first kilometers and adjustments in the car, under a completely wet track, togehter with his teammates and Jan Seyffarth, official driver of AMG. The next day, on Saturday, took place the moment expected by many, the Mercedes AMG GT4 was first out to a qualifying session. The qualification began in a complicated way because the track was still wet despite having clear skies and sun. The first part of the qualifying session was made by Jan & Alex under a wet track with dry tyres. Finally the car was classified in position 50 and 2nd of its class.

The 6h race started at 12:00, Jan Seyffarth was in charge of taking the start, followed by Alex. Both drivers did a great job keeping the car on track despite the difficult conditions of the asphalt as the rain appeared and disappear intermittently forcing the drivers to have to drive at various times in the wet with slick tyres. Fidel Leib and Stefan Krag made the last two stints, finally the car had to be stopped with an hour left on the clock due to an electrical problem.

Alex Toril: "I am very happy with the result, we have added many kilometers and kept the car intact despite the track conditions. The new Mercedes AMG GT4 is a great car, feels good and is very fun to drive, it brings you a lot of safety. We still have to work a little more on the development of the car and improve some points due to his youth. Anyway the car has a very good base and I see its development very positive. Finally thanks to Black Falcon, Mercedes, AMG and HWA for their trust in me and giving me this opportunity.